Have you entered the Planetiers Awards?

Planetiers World Gathering wants to support the most impactful products, services, and projects for a more sustainable planet. And that can be your project!

If you are creating social and environmental impact in your village, town, city, municipality, or school, you’re on your way to getting your Planetiers Awards!

Do you run a startup, SME, an NGO or association, or a research center focused on sustainable projects? Or do you think you are only a “mere” citizen with a cool and important idea? We came to tell you that you’re the perfect applicant!


Leave your impact. Shape the future. Lead by example.


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Planetiers Awards are waiting for you!

The contest is open to all entities of the 6 categories, in any location of the planet:

  • Villages, Towns, and Cities
  • SMEs, Startups, and Projects
  • NGO’s e Associations
  • Universities and Research Centers
  • Schools
  • Citizens


Why you should apply

Audience inside arena

Wouldn’t it be amazing to show your project to 10.000 people worldwide?

Now you can! Through Planetiers Awards, you can get the opportunity to pitch your project to top investors at PWG, show it on TV, radio, and international media, and get tickets for the event.


How to apply?

Entities must apply through a Planetiers Awards form, available here, with the following topics:

  • summary
  • keywords
  • the SDG to which they respond to and how
  • activities being developed
  • objectives
  • methodology used
  • results achieved
  • conclusions obtained so far

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The projects will be analyzed by a jury (members of the Planetiers World Gathering Advisory Board) and will be ranked (1st prize, 2nd prize, and honorable mentions) in each category.


Proposals can be written either in English or in Portuguese and will be evaluated according to the relevance of the response to the problem raised by the corresponding SDG.

The evaluation of the jury will be done in total anonymity, and there will be no appeal.

The proposal must be submitted only in digital format, and it will only be accepted if submitted by 5 pm (Lisbon time, GMT) on the deadline. Only documents submitted in PDF format will be accepted.



  • Deadline for submissions: 27 March 2020
  • Jury evaluation and communication to interested parties: 31 Mar 2020
  • Announcement of the contest results: 23 Apr 2020 (PWG opening day!)


Registration rate

During the submission process, you can purchase the tickets corresponding to the registration rate, through ATM, credit card, or bank transfer.

  • Villages, Towns, and Cities: 3 Executive Planetiers Tickets
  • SMEs, Startups, and Projects: 3 Executive Planetiers Tickets
  • NGOs & Associations: 3 Executive Planetiers Tickets
  • Universities and Research Centers: 3 Executive Planetiers Tickets
  • Schools: 2 Planetiers Tickets
  • Citizens: 1 Planetiers Ticket


Is your project the one?

Apply now to the Planetiers Awards!

Got any questions? We’re happy to answer them. Just send an email to planetiers@leading.pt

Find here all the categories, prizes, and everything about Planetiers Awards.