Creating and organizing the biggest event on sustainable innovation is no easy task. Planetiers World Gathering is only possible if you have the right people working alongside you.

You might know our main speakers, but how well do you know our partners? Here are 5 of our top supporters focused on contributing to a better world.


United Nations Regional Information Centre


UNRIC works with relevant actors in Europe, such as institutions, governments, all segments of civil society, and the media, seeking to inform and engage Europeans on global issues that are a priority for the United Nations.

Located in Brussels, it keeps 22 western European countries informed on everything related to the United Nations: announcements, projects, scientific reports and any other information that will help spreading the word about the key solutions to answer the Sustainable Development Goals.


European Investment Bank Institute

European Investment Bank Institute - Social Program

A key pillar of the EIB Group’s community and civic engagement, it was set up to promote and support social, cultural, and academic initiatives with European stakeholders and the public at large, it is committed to acting as a catalyst for economic and social development within the EU Member States.

  • Academic and Research Programs

The Institute aims at channeling support, mainly through grants or sponsorship, to higher education and research, particularly in the field of applied economics within Europe.

European Investment Bank Institute - Arts Program

Their Artists Development Programme offers emerging European visual artists mentorship, exceptional tutoring, and networking opportunities to develop their practice in a high-quality professional context without any material constraints.

  • Social Innovation Tournament

Organized in a different country every year to reward and sponsor European entrepreneurs whose primary purpose is to generate a social, ethical, or environmental impact, this tournament recognizes and supports the best European social entrepreneurs.

European Investment Bank Institute - Social Innovation Tournament

Projects are typically related to combating unemployment, marginalization of disadvantaged communities, and promoting access to education and health care using new technologies, new systems, and new processes.

Members benefit from training courses and numerous opportunities to join innovation grants programs, participate in conferences around Europe, and network with investors, venture philanthropists, and foundations who can help their project to scale.

  • Grants for Disaster Relief

Humanitarian crisis

From 2015 to 2019, the EIB Institue has raised funds to help countries such as Nepal, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and the Caribbean to deal with the aftermath of natural disasters, Southern Africa during Cyclone IDAI, the fires in Greece, the refugee crisis in Colombia and child victims of Indonesia’s tsunami and Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

It also organizes donations of IT equipment no longer used by the EIB Group to non-profit organizations, local community centers, or schools registered in an EU country.



ISQ team

ISQ is a private independent entity based in Portugal that offers a wide range of Engineering, Technical Consulting, Technical Inspections, and Testing services as well as R&D and Innovation activities.

Initially geared to the welded construction sector, ISQ shifts its focus to the environment, metrology, inspections of electrical and construction installations, and safety testing of goods and equipment.

Present in 15 countries, it has participated in more than 400 international innovative projects, gathering more than 1200 partners, and promoting better sustainable development of businesses.


Visit Portugal

 Visit Portugal - Tourism Algarve

In addition to monitoring the sustainability of Portuguese destinations, and creating a network of regional sustainable tourism observatories, Turismo de Portugal has partnered with various entities to promote entrepreneurship and innovative cultural and environmental projects for mobility, land use, and nature tourism.

From heritage recovery programs to green awards, electric mobility solutions, and touristic dynamization of rural destinations, there are countless projects this entity has supported not only to promote Portugal but its sustainable solutions.


Lisbon European Green Capital 2020

Eduardo VII Park - Lisbon

European Commission rewards cities that are making efforts to improve the urban environment and move towards healthier and sustainable living areas, improving the quality of life of their citizens while reducing their impact on the global environment.

The city of Lisbon is the most recent winner of the prestigious European award, as it is working towards a fully integrated city, with a holistic approach to urban planning, including enhancing its natural areas, improving water and waste management, mobility, as well as education and employment.

In 2020, Lisbon is Europe’s hub for sustainability, with an agenda full of events, exhibitions, activities, and amazing experiences to explore. Planetiers World Gathering is the first of many reasons why you should come to Lisbon in 2020.


Who are the other partners?

To be able to have the impact we aim, we partnered with several different entities, institutions and organizations across the globe.

It’s time to gather all these efforts towards sustainability and create a real movement of change, connecting and empowering solutions for a brighter future.