altice arena, Lisbon

April 23-25, 2020

An investor for the future

Investing on ideas, brands or projects that will be at PWG is not just one-more closed deal. It is investing in your future & on the power of change.

Do you want to help them to make it happen?

What will you
find at PWG

Things that have never been thought of

At a time that we are facing new challenges, innovators & game changers are doing what they do best, which is creating new beginnings, finding answers, inventing solutions & daring guidelines.

People that are changing the World

It’s not all about projects & brands. At PWG you will get to know thousands of people with the power & willing to shake things up. You will meet people who get tired to be players & turned themselves on game changers.

Speakers from all over the World

At PWG you will able to meet & listen 100+ speakers from all over the world. You will have access to exclusive areas & lounges so you can experience our event from all points of view.

Invest in a new market
full of potencial and impact

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