altice arena, Lisbon

April 23-25, 2020

PWG will get you smarter

It takes a village to change minds. People’s habits are so deeply rooted that becoming more sustainable can be a hard task. As a city or a community you have the power to help them by promoting and setting a sustainable lifestyle. And you just need one thing: be smart & inspire everyone by example.

After all, are you a sustainable community?

Why should you
be at PWG

Show what you do best

Show to more than 10.000 attendees how innovative and pioneer is your city, municipality or region. Show what you are doing or plan to do regarding sustainability & how it’s done.

Inspire others

Your city, village or municipality have the ability to empower others. Never forget that people get lead by the example & you can be theirs.

Put yourself on the map

More than 100 media publications & thousands of attendees from all over the world will be here. It’s time to put your community on the (sustainability) map.

What’s the smartest thing
you have done today?

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